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Group Coaching

An affordable way to provide coaching to everyone in your organization

Coaching is a powerful way to promote personal and professional development. Through coaching, people learn to:

  • Be more passionately engaged in their work
  • Clarify their professional vision and career trajectory
  • Develop skills and take on new challenges
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Establish a healthy work-life balance

Although there are substantial benefits to one-on-one coaching, its high cost means that it is typically only offered to senior executives. Group coaching provides a cost-effective way to provide coaching to all members of your organization.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

Essential Smarts provides a unique and highly effective approach to group coaching that melds professional and personal development. The format originates from a popular Stanford University course created by Ryan Babineaux. It works like this:

  • A brown-bag workshop is presented on a personal development topic, such as developing an innovators mindset, practicing mindfulness to reduce stress, or establishing sustaining relationships..
  • After the presentation, the participants get into 3-person groups and work together to come up with personal action steps related to the workshop topic.
  • During the group work, the participants interact with the instructor to discuss their concerns and interests.
  • Each workshop runs 1.5 hours and can have up to 40 participants.
  • Additional one-on-one coaching can be packaged with the workshops, either provided on-site or via telephone.

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